Step 1: Fill out the General Application

The General Application is the beginning of our PARTNERSHIP fill the info out as complete and accurate as possible also please include all SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (kyc’s), and to make sure all Bank Statements and Processing Statements are the most recent available. This helps us get you the best rates possible!

Step 2: Bank Application

You will Receive an email from our GateWay/Bank this notifies clients that you were approved! Make sure all the information in the Bank Application process is accurate and filled in completely (if you are a NOT a Mj,Mmj client disregard those fields). Once these fields are filled out completely all the Support Docs are up-loaded the last page is where you can submit the Bank Application (Please hit the Submit Button located on the last page of the Application).

Get Paid Monthly (ask for details)


Step 3: Terms, DLPPA and Credentials

Cliche as it is; It’s as EASY AS 123! You will receive the complete terms of the deal Via Docu-Sign, once you have reviewed the terms please sign and send back, also included in a Docu-Sign is our DLPPA, the rules and  regulations for every client per their State and Country Laws, again please review sign and send back, at this point your credentials will be issued and installing to whatever platform you business operates on (E-Commerce we love WordPress Woocommerce, LIVE in MINUTES. Retail we have the latest POINT of SALE systems to the simplest USBSwiper) Tell us how you operate and we will custom tailor our services to your company’s specific needs.

If you have any questions on the different services we offer please fill the form out and a live representative will be with you shortly. (All questions can be directed to this form)

YesNo, the account has been shutoffNo, this is a new business

MHR does not require you to sign a contract for any length of time if you don’t like our products or services shake hands and part ways

Is only a few steps away let a trained professionals educate you on the way to obtain the heartbeat to your COMPANY!