Cannabis Credit Card Processing Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Credit Card Processing


We are Building out our INDUSTRIES PAGE for better knowledge and understanding for YOU, our clients

What are the rates?

This varies on you. The amount of volume your store does monthly. How long you have been in business to name a few. Fill out the contact form and a representative will be with you shortly.

How long does it take to get approved?

7-10 business Days

Who completes the install?

Retail/Delivery Cannabis location will have a piece of equipment, if issued by us we will assist in the installation, we also have API availability.

Domestic or International?

This depends on you and how your business is setup, we have both options per your request available.

What laws?

Everything is followed by you and the State of License (for USA) International companies per your state or country if passed LEGAL. Stay informed on legalities of the Cannabis industry.