Cannabis Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Credit Card Processing/BANKING and LOANS

Cannabis Credit Card Processing

Award Winning Two Years Straight / Cannabis Credit Card Processing/Domestic Mids all 4 Card Types-Compliance Protection Included.

In-Person Training/Demo’s

Long Lasting Accounts

Fully Compliant

Equipment Options

All 4 Card Types

No Reserves

Fast Account Approvals

100% Domestic

Award Winning Two Years Straight- has been around as long or longer then anyone in the Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Markets. MileHighRisk created an elite name representing the largest hemp/cbd/cannabis suppliers, delivers, dispensaries, E-Commerce websites, farmers, and growers across the globe.  Cannabis Credit Card Processing and Banking put us on the map as far as High Risk Credit Card Processing.

Domestic Credit Card Processing CBD-Cannabis-Hemp

Cannabis Banking Services

No bank, no problem. We can help you establish a business bank account account for your cannabis operation.

Compliance Protection Included.

Cannabis Merchant Accounts

Accept credit cards from your customers.

How It Works

Step 1

Once your account is set up, we will program your dispensary system to work with our cannabis payment gateway. The install process is quick and easy.

Step 2

Accept debit and credit cards from your POS system or anywhere on-the-go with the mobile credit card swiper. Flexible payment processing solutions when you need it.

Step 3

Debit and credit card transactions are processed through your POS integrated payment gateway and funds are deposited to your account within 24-48 hours.

Why Choose

Onsite Installation

In order to ensure functionality, our cannabis merchant account must be integrated properly and set up correctly. Experienced and certified professionals secure the installation and initiation of your cannabis merchant account. Once approved, we will reach out to schedule integration for eCommerce accounts. Retail accounts will involve a scheduled installation in-person or by phone. A steady merchant account platform means we must make sure your account is set up properly.

Comprehensive Cannabis Merchant Training

Training is a key to success with any service. We understand this and how important it is, so we provide preliminary onsite training and extensive ongoing training for your cannabis merchant account to make sure you and your staff are as comfortable and capable as possible. Training for eCommerce accounts, retail cannabis merchant accounts, and seed-to-sale software accounts are all available for you and your employees. Depending on the service we are providing, we will tailor the training to your needs to ensure a complete understanding of your services and competence in using them.

Convenient Scheduling and Support

By working around your schedule, we complete the integration and installation of your cannabis merchant account while avoiding interrupting your daily company operations. Our helpful staff is accessible any time you need us and we will adapt to your timeline. Support is necessary for a stable platform. We realize this and make it our priority. Our team knows that competent assistance paves a way for the success of your cannabis merchant account.

Qualified and Responsive Personnel

Our technical support team is here to help and customer service is one of our top priorities. Request technical support for your cannabis merchant account and forward technical issues to our remote support team for additional assistance. Our employees are available to assist with customer service issues during regular business hours and technical assistance is provided via phone support 24/7.

Custom Data Collection

Focused on emerging markets that require Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and advanced (KYCC) and custom Data Points for acquiring banks,  processors and states across the US.

Proprietary Shopping Cart

Custom shopping cart solutions that manage real time consumer data, age requirements, purchase limits including advanced inventory management and adherence to regulatory requirements and mandates.

Reputational Risk Software

Custom business and consumer validations including age verification, OFAC checks, State, City and County level mandates,  that support online and offline verification’s to meet enhanced regulatory requirements.

In-Person Training

For the fastest response please fill out the form below and a representative will be right with you.


What are the rates?

This varies on you. The amount of volume your store does monthly. How long you have been in business to name a few. Fill out the contact form and a representative will be with you shortly.

How long does it take to get approved?

7-10 business Days

Who completes the install?

Retail/Delivery Cannabis location will have a piece of equipment, if issued by us we will assist in the installation, we also have API availability.

Domestic or International?

This depends on you and how your business is setup, we have both options per your request available.

What laws?

Everything is followed by you and the State of License (for USA) International companies per your state or country if passed LEGAL. Stay informed on legalities of the Cannabis industry.

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CBD-Cannabis Credit Card Processing

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