MileHighRisk.com General Application Process

Please click on the link below to download the General Application. Please fill the application out to the fullest included the document checklist and email back to us at apps@milehighrisk.com. Most of our Applications are conducted via Docu-Sign (if you would prefer Docu-Sign Application please reach out to us at apps@MileHighRisk.com.Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!




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What is the General Application?

The General Application is the beginning of our PARTNERSHIP fill the info out as complete and accurate as possible also please include all SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS (kyc’s), and to make sure all Bank Statements and Processing Statements are the most recent available. This helps us get you the best rates possible!

What's the Next Steps?

You will Receive an email from our GateWay/Bank this notifies clients that you were approved! Make sure all the information in the Bank Application process is accurate and filled in completely (if you are a NOT a Mj,Mmj client disregard those fields). Once these fields are filled out completely all the Support Docs are up-loaded the last page is where you can submit the Bank Application (Please hit the Submit Button located on the last page of the Application).

How long is the Contract?

MHR does not require you to sign a contract for any length of time if you don’t like our products or services shake hands and part ways friends.

How long does the Approval process take?

The approval process at MHR is very simple and streamlined. Once your account is fully submitted (all supporting docs completed) the process takes 7-10 business days to fully integrate to your systems.

How do I Reach MHR?

We are available 24/7/365 at support@milehighrisk.com Service is how we have become the most famous brand. Can’t wait to hear from you! Have a Great Day!

How does MHR Process

MileHighRisk.com offers a wide range of Credit Card Processing options from ECommerce to Retail and MOTO to mobile and tablet processing. MHR has a number of ways to make this convenient for you and your business. If you are processing online our API is well seasoned and can connect to any effective web based platform. If you are in a RETAIL setting we have partnered with numerous Point of Sale companies to traditional counter top machines and USB swipers, we are also finishing the release of our application that will be available on the Apple and Android Markets.

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