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19 January, New York, Business Hall
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  • Online payments
    Online payments
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  • Quick payouts
    Quick payouts
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  • Protection and security
    Protection and security
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  • Bonus system
    Bonus system
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Start plan
  • Life and house insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business insurance
Advanced plan
  • Life and house insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business insurance
Business plan
  • Life and house insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business insurance
Gold plan
  • Life and house insurance
  • Transport insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Business insurance
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    What our customers say

    Anastasia Stone
    Business Owner

    We love MileHighRisk.com we have had our merchant account with them for over a year now! And have referred tons of clients to Mile High as well all saying the same thing! If you want an education on how to operate maintain and manage a successful E-commerce business here they are the Processing pros!


    Patrick James CBD Credit Card Processing Client
    Business Owner

    Our company uses MileHighRisk.com for CBD credit card processing and we love them. We have referred all our friends in the industry to MileHighRisk.com and they all say the same thing amazing thank you so much!

    Steven Rashford Hemp Oil
    Business Owner

    Clients for 3 years of MileHighRisk.com we sell Hemp Oil and well we are still with them! They had us up while our competition went down due to bank closure. Part of the reason we are who we are today is because of MileHighRisk.com. We enjoy fast funding's and great rates. Thanks Mile High!


    Lauren Jennings Boutique Owner
    Small Business Owner

    We increased 31% in sales in our first month with MileHighRisk.com. How you ask? Approval rates are wow over the so called competition, clients trust the checkout process with Mile High Risk

    Henery James Travel Company
    Company Owner

    The best merchant service experience myself and my business has ever experienced! 100% recommend MileHighRisk.com and if you love your business you should choose Mile high too.


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