4 thoughts on “CBD-Hemp-Cannabis 2018 Best Credit Card Processor

  1. MileHighRisk.com is the best company we have done business with! Fair affordable and we have grown over 20% monthly since partnering with MHR.

  2. Thanks 🙏🏻MileHighRisk.com the only hemp credit card processor doing what they said they could and better! We highly recommend MileHighRisk.com.

  3. We have been with MileHighRisk since the begging. We were a startup talked with Jeff he streamlined us to well we are one of the largest brands in the world to date! There is only one company you can trust MileHighRisk.

  4. Mhr rocking the hemp space. We met with a mhr rep at mmj biz con last year after having our run ins with a few international processors, decided to make the switch and received
    No reserve
    Same Day fundings
    Domestic all 4 card types
    Cheaper rates
    No payments in the arrears
    Unique Descriptor
    Fully Transparent to all Card brands and banks
    Only one ☝️ company worth your business MileHighRisk.com we are bundling and now adding their full suit of web services!

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