CBD-Hemp-Cannabis 2018 Best Credit Card Processor- 1-844-464-7729 apps@MileHighRisk.com Welcome to  Domestic, We Guarantee your account wont get shut down due to the industry your in (Hemp/CBD/Cannabis) All MHR dealings are fully transparent to all parties involved approved by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with Same day funding’s no payments in the arrears NO RESERVE all four Card Types.  MileHighRisk.com has lead the way for Hemp Processing for 5 years, we have been around since the begging making us a trend setter and guideline creator for the merger of the two industries


(Payments & Hemp/Derivatives) Although not easy the need was astonishing but crucial to the thousands of businesses we work with on a daily basis.  MHRBrands developed the B2b payment options with a simple easy to use and integrate ACH Platform under the MHR Umbrella of Payments (MHRPay.com) this allows you to seamlessly integrate to your E commerce/online business or work out of our proprietary dashboard and send  invoices and reminders to clients you do business with (example: DISPENSARY). This feature keeps you the merchant in control of your business at all times. Guaranteed funds that process through a 1500 point checklist and backed by some of the largest banks in the world giving you same day funding and again NO RESERVE with the lowest possible rate available keeping you competitive and a head of the competition. Remember Payments is the most important piece behind the Brand you dont just get a service with MHR you get a partner, we cant wait to show you!  So now you know that Mile High Risk has an answer to all your business needs CREDIT CARD PROCESSING check ACH PROCESSING (small recap: same day funding’s, no payments in the arrears, no reserve, all 4 card types, integrates into all major platforms, Lowest Rate Guarantee, 24 HR Customer Service and Technical Support) OH YA AND AWARD WINNING 2018 BEST PAYMENTS & BANKING, this being a humble brag. Thanks to our thousands of clients and all their support we couldn’t do this without you!



Domestic Credit Card Processing CBD-Cannabis-HempPARTNERSHIPS 

MileHighRisk joined forces with another major piece to our clients success. Staying true to the MHR Brands we teamed up with another Colorado Company with awards for: Website Design/ Development, Social Media Design/Development/Management

Video Creation with in-house studio to wow your future clients/customers with the latest marketing platforms available today. MHR Brands, has one thought in mind, a conundrum of business growth and success. In today’s world it takes more then just a few things to help manage your business, it actually takes endless things to manage a properly growing business from month-to-month not to mention extremely expensive, we always say a portal or an employee but each one comes with its own problems, stresses and worse price tag until now! MHR Brands created the business bundle that handles your Payments on all levels your marketing and advertising on all levels your products and shipping them across the globe we connect the hemp industry from farmer to client and place that on a repeat setting helping you our new partner create your dream business from the best product options to new clients and everything in-between.



Website Development

We build you a 100% customizable, easy-to-edit website that not only looks great but drives results & sales.


Dramatically increase your visibility, rankings & sales from organic search (Google) by utilizing one of our dedicated SEO experts.

Video Creation

Whether you need a simple short video for social media or a TV-grade commercial, our talented video development team has you covered.

Online Reputation

We’ll set up your Top Rated Local® reporting dashboard so you can track reviews, ratings, clicks, and your rating score compared to your competitors.

Designed for Mobile

We design for mobile first. Meaning, we make sure your high risk website looks good and works well on all mobile devices, not just desktop computers.

Creative Brand Design

Leverage our highly skilled designers, developers, and content writers to stand out over your competitors.Marketing 360 Denver Broncos

High Risk category marketing has never been easier

Marketing Executive 

Your dedicated Marketing Executive does everything for you. They’re like your own marketing director! Call, email or text them whenever you’d like. Their goal is to drive you results & grow your business.

Reputation Manager 

Get your own dedicated reputation manager who does everything for you to capture & monitor reviews as well as build a strong reputation across all the trusted review sites relevant to your business.

Creative Team 

Leverage highly skilled designers, developers, video pros and content writers on-demand to create what you need when you need it. Save money by avoiding an expensive, in-house team.

Social Media Manager 

Get your own dedicated social media manager! They’ll help you get more followers, post share-worthy content, monitor comments & more so your cod or cannabis company has a strong presence on social media.

6 reasons why you need it


Everything You Need

Everything you need to grow your business through a single platform. You’d be hard-pressed to find another platform that does anywhere near what Marketing 360® does for anywhere near the price.

Get Talent & Technology

With Marketing 360® you get the talent and technology you need to grow your business, not just one or the other.

It’s Easy

We understand you’re busy running your business, so we provide the talent and support you need to make sure everything gets done at the highest standard.

Saves You Time

Because we do everything for you, it saves you time and allows you to focus more on the big picture and running your growing business.

Saves You Money

Not only does Marketing 360® save you time, it saves you money! Avoid an expensive in-house marketing team and high-cost software solutions. Marketing 360® includes it all for one low price!

Works Better & Better Over Time

Marketing 360® is a momentum based system, meaning your online presence and overall results & return on investment get better and better over time!

At this point its east to see the MHR Brands has your best interest at heart and thrive on others success. Fill out the form below as complete and accurate as possible and a representative will be with you shortly. Talk soon partner.


  1. Jason G
    November 14, 2018 at 5:59 pm

    MileHighRisk.com is the best company we have done business with! Fair affordable and we have grown over 20% monthly since partnering with MHR.

  2. Alex Conrad
    November 14, 2018 at 6:02 pm

    We have been with MileHighRisk since the begging. We were a startup talked with Jeff he streamlined us to well we are one of the largest brands in the world to date! There is only one company you can trust MileHighRisk.

  3. Ryan D
    November 14, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    Mhr rocking the hemp space. We met with a mhr rep at mmj biz con last year after having our run ins with a few international processors, decided to make the switch and received
    No reserve
    Same Day fundings
    Domestic all 4 card types
    Cheaper rates
    No payments in the arrears
    Unique Descriptor
    Fully Transparent to all Card brands and banks
    Only one ☝️ company worth your business MileHighRisk.com we are bundling and now adding their full suit of web services!

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