10 thoughts on “Us Banks CBD Credit Card Processing

  1. MileHighRisk.com has partnered with usbank for cbd oil merchant services! We didn’t believe it so we tried it. Processed for the last month with perfection called an 800 number for us bank and talked openly about our CBD account with a bank representative.
    MileHighRisk.com is stand alone the best.

  2. We have all our payments needs handled by MHR both credit card processing and ACH thanks 🙏🏻 for the great service and support. MileHighRisk.com

  3. It was great meeting your company at Mj Biz Con we are excited to get to work with you! MileHighRisk.com comes highly recommend. Thanks again.

  4. Great to meet such a well put together booth at MJ Biz Con MileHighRisk had an amazing presents at Mj Biz Con Las Vegas. Explained the challenges and how they reached the hemp industry solution and 2018 best Banking and Payments provider 2018. MileHighRisk.com all you Hemp payment processing needs.

  5. We bundled with MileHighRisk.com they do our marketing and payments! Prices are unreal results are overwhelming at times, thanks for the continued growth!

  6. Ach program is perfect for the farmer 👩‍🌾 b2b lesser rates higher tickets! Invoices available MileHighRisk changed the dynamic of our business. Thanks

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