Credit Card Processing for CBD, MJ, MMJ, and Hemp

Credit Card Processing for CBD, MJ, MMJ, and Hemp.

Credit Card Processing for CBD, MJ, MMJ, and Hemp for FREE consultation email us at
Credit Card Processing for CBD, MJ, MMJ, and Hemp for FREE consultation email us at has partnered with  banks around the world to secure a solution that’s solid, fair, affordable and custom tailored to your business. has been in the high risk credit card processing industry for over 10 years. MHR is the only CBD, MJ, MMJ, and pure Hemp industries credit card processing solution that is Legal in the world.  MHR has  CBD clients processing all over the world one of our clients products can be seen on the shelves at every Walmart, Amazon and even Costco. MileHighRisk has the fastest turnaround time in the industry, and only employs professionals in the industry. To setup a call today and go over all the options we have available please contact your local office or shoot corporate an email to: BOARDING NEW CLIENTS

16 thoughts on “Credit Card Processing for CBD, MJ, MMJ, and Hemp

  1. We have been with for 3 months now best credit card processing company for cbd hands down! Best reporting, funding, and customer service! They have mastered the art of highrisk card processing! Cheers to

  2. set me up in 5 days! My old processor shut me down and Mile High Risk was there to save my company! Best business choice we have made to date! Thanks MileHighRisk Team!

  3. We have processed credit cards 💳 with two other companies before! Learn a lesson from us start with the owners are two of the nicest young businessmen with an education that will have you understanding how to be a successful merchant! for all your business needs!

  4. You want your Cbd/Cannabis High Risk company to succeed? Go with the pros at honest, transparent, fair, affordable! If you want to add an amazing partner to your team reachout to truly a 5 ⭐️ organization. Thanks for helping us become the #1 brand Charlottes Webb!

  5. Hi Mile High!

    Is your setup still functioning?

    I’ve been really frustrated with the ignorance I’m finding in the merchant world regarding hemp and since mid 2017 I feel like we’ve had a pretty hellish experience from not being bothered for over 7 years, to having a rabid wave of reefer madness sweep through the merchant industry, and sharp violation of the 2004 hemp victory won on Bob Marley’s birthday. If things are still working well for you and your customers, please let us know.

  6. Mile High is nothing but perfection they have processed for our cbd company last few years and we enjoy the lowest rates and the fastest fundings. Thanks

  7. We have processing credit cards with for over a year and couldn’t be happier. We recently just bundled products with and now receive rates that are almost free. We added the ach real time deposits transactions into our account in 2 hours.

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