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Payment Processing Companies are one of the most important pieces to your companies success, as you know, there are many moving parts and expenses to operating a successful business.

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Payment Processing Companies

Merchant Services or also referred to as Payment Processing is an expense that cost businesses money up front as a startup company and grows with the company as it processes more money every month. Why you ask?

Payment Processing is a loan from a bank- its digital money that starts from your credit or debit card and used at a merchant of your choice to purchase goods or services. Now depending on the goods or services you are purchasing is dependent on the cost to process a transaction- this can also have underlying cost for example: The Risk of the transaction, where is the transaction taking place? Online? Over the phone? Face-to-Face? Is the client using Credit or Debit? And what does the merchants business do? (Are you a grocery store or a pot shop?) All of these transaction associate themselves with a little bit of a variation as far as risk levels and cost associated per every transaction.

Yes you heard me say digital currency- Merchant services is the original version of Crypto Currency or Bit Coin, now don’t mistake that statement it’s the same in-regards to the fact you take money and convert it into data and comes out the other side money. Time travel for money!

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CBD-Cannabis Credit Card Processing

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