Cannabis Banking and Credit Card Processing

Cannabis Banking and Credit Card Processing- Yes you read this correct the oldest largest hemp payment provider is offering Bank accounts and Credit and Debit Card Processing. Our solution is fully domestic, fully transparent to our direct bank partners. Make sure you go with the award winning platform your business is just as important to us as it is to you! We have thousands of hemp industry clients well that’s how we won the 2017 & 2018 Best Cannabis Credit Card Processing and Banking voted by you and your industry. No need to take a chance on a processor that is new to the hemp industry or just learning, go with the number 1 Cannabis Banking and Credit Card Platform- Humble Brag, Why this is important? offsets the risk to our banking partners guaranteeing you the lowest rates Domestic Credit Card Processing CBD-Cannabis-Hemppossible. Don’t worry NO RESERVES we know how to manage the risk, with the lowest charge back and fraud in the Card Networks. Mile High offers all 4 card types we can process Retail with a few options of equipment to choose from including I-Pads etc. Wait for it oh yes DELIVERY with the best mobile devices to choose from and if your business is setup E-commerce, sounds like we have your industry figured out-MileHighRisk is the only payment platform you should choose with your trusted brand we work with startup companies and of coarse Publicly Traded clients again what does this mean to you? MHR is fully transparent meaning the business name you put on the application is the one that shows up on your clients bank statement, so if your company is called  “I Love Cannabis, then that’s what will show up on your clients receipt and bank statement. Again what does this mean to you? MileHighRisk has fully disclosed to our bank partners the dynamic of your business the industry your in I mean we visit your store and if you are retail we have a team of integration experts to assist in the install all over the country answer any questions and make sure your batch out times are set to your business and ensure 24 hour funding’s.  Some say the Amazon of Hemp we say the PayPal of Cannabis. As always we have salaried Executives standing by to answer any questions you may have and to ensure your process is a smooth as…. We had to but a babies butt! Shoot us an email shoot us a call 1-844-464-7729 option 1 or fill out the form below, which every you prefer we are here to assist in this wonderful next step and growth to your business.

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5 thoughts on “Cannabis Banking and Credit Card Processing

  1. Ok so we don’t typically write reviews but this has been an unbelievable experience. First we received a merchant account (credit card processing, using it for 18 months) then a bank account couldn’t find this anywhere, and if that wasn’t enough the best rates by %’s and free hosting for our website. Now we were introduced to their digital website platform and traffic let’s just say in 90 days our business has grown 112% from month-2-month a true business in a box and 5 stars all the way around! Thanks 🙏🏻 MileHighRisk for the best experience and truly our business success oh ya wait I almost forgot our manufacturer for our hemp products!

  2. We not only got a merchant account with rates that saved us thousands a month. But received a traditional bank account setup in our business name. No matter your situation give milehighrisk a call you will be glad you did.

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